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TurpinTyme Ragsters CD

9600 Jarboe St
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Note: "Trouble" is available only from the Ragsters,
the Scott Joplin Foundation, & Webster Records in St. Louis, MO

In Kansas City
Chicken Chowder is available at:

Kansas City

Ground floor,
The Kansas City Star, 1729 Grand Blvd
(say "Operator")
Mon. - Fri. 9 am to 5 pm

In St. Louis:

Webster Records
117 West Lockwood Ave.
St. Louis, Missouri

and Online at:


Scott Joplin Ragtime Foundation
Scott Joplin International Ragtime Foundation Store



   Webster Records
   St. Louis, Missouri


  1. Creole Belles-J. Bodewalt Lampe
  2. St. Louis Tickle-Theron Bennett
  3. Blue Goose Rag-Charles L. Johnson
  4. Chicken Chowder-Irene Giblin
  5. St. Louis Rag-Tom Turpin
  6. Rapid Transit-Joseph Lamb
  7. The Entertainer-Scott Joplin
  8. At a Georgia Camp Meeting-Kerry Mills
  9. Dill Pickles-Charles L. Johnson
  10. The Smiler-Percy Wenrich
  11. Castle House Rag-James Reese Europe
  12. Dimples-L. E. Colburn
  13. Trombonium Buell N. Withrow
  14. Cloud Kisser-Charles L. Johnson
  15. Tiger Rag-Original Dixieland Jazz Band

Greg Briggs-Clarinet
Gary Richmond-Cornet
Mark Cohick-Tenor Sax
Dan Strom-Trombone
Steve Hoog-Tuba
Walter Bryant-Piano
Mike Thompson-Drums
Nora Hulse-Piano



  1. Smiles & Chuckles (F. Henri Klickmann)
  2. Fizz Water (Eubie Blake)
  3. Ragtime Betty (James Scott)
  4. Crazybone Rag (Charles L. Johnson)
  5. Dixie Girl (Jens Bodewalt Lampe)
  6. Carolina Shout (James P. Johnson)
  7. The Buffalo Rag (Tom Turpin)
  8. Cleopha (Scott Joplin)
  9. Beedle-Um-Bo (Charles L. Johnson)
  10. Hot Chocolate Rag (Malvin Franklin/Arthur Lang)
  11. Grandpa's Spells ("Jelly Roll"Morton)
  12. Apple Jack, "Some Rag" (Charles L. Johnson)
  13. Kansas City Rag (James Scott)
  14. Mississippi Rag (William H. Krell)
  15. Slippery Elm Rag (Clarence Woods)
  16. Raggy Trombone (W. H. Kiefer)
  17. All the Money (Charles L. Johnson)
  18. Tar Babies (Charles L. Johnson)
  19. Trouble Rag (Morrison/Crabb)

Greg Briggs-Clarinet
Gary Richmond-Cornet
Mark Cohick-Tenor Sax
Dan Strom-Trombone
Bill Drybread-Tuba
Al Wiley-Drums